Prep Applications 2022 / 2023

​If you are interested in enrolling your child at St Agatha's, please fill out the online application. For enquiries, please contact our Enrolment Secretary or phone 3326 9222 (Option3).

Enrolment Applications 2022 

​ An additional class has been accepted for PREP 2022 and enrolments are still open.  Limited Vacancies. Please complete the online ​application.

Enrolment Intake Prep 2023

​​All applications are required to be submitted online through our website. Click on the link to access our Online Enrolment Application Form. This is a very simple process you will need to follow. After lodging an Enrolment Application, parents will be contacted regarding the next steps in the enrolment process.

If you have a child born between 1/7/17 - 30/06/18, they are eligible to commence Prep in 2023.

​Please note only completed applications will be considered for a place in Prep 2023.

​​NON-Sibling applications close for Prep 2023 on Friday 11th March, 2022 and interview will take place for Non Siblings in April, 2022.

​Sibling applications close for Prep 2023 on Friday 8th April and interviews will take place for Siblings in May 2022.​​