Project Compassion

At St Agatha’s we have had over the past five years a very strong focus on Social Justice and creating an awareness in our school of some of the hardships and inequities which exist in communities all over Australia and across the world. Initiatives such as Walk for Water, Walk to School for Social Injustice and The Mini Sleep help to educate our students on some of the real issues which affect so many here and abroad.

Project Compassion.PNG 

This year the theme for Project Compassion is “Go Further Together” and this is something which aligns closely with our own motto of Growth, Friendship, Faith. I encourage all families to openly discuss the many problems which communities face each day such as no access to clean drinking water, no education for boys and girls, high death rates of infants and lack of basic medicines and how Caritas is working on making a difference through their Project Compassion campaign for those less fortunate than us.