2021 School Theme

Share the Spark 2021.JPG​This year’s theme is ‘Share the Spark’. The theme was created in a collaborative process with our staff during the January Professional Learning Days. The theme ‘Share the Spark’ encourages everyone in our school community to share the spark that ignites learning. ‘Share the Spark’ also means to take responsibility and look after the spark in others through encouragement and positive relationships. This year we will be sharing the sparks of creativity, curiosity, and passion, the spark that lights the ‘fire in the belly’ or ‘lights up a room’ and the spark that creates change and growth for a better world. You will notice our hashtag #sharethespark in our school social media posts and on the staff email signature blocks and you are encouraged to use the hashtag as well. 

We look forward to exploring how we can ‘Share the Spark’ this year and celebrate our learning and growth as a community.​