Our Staff 2021

St Agatha's teaching staff are a dedicated team of professionals with a wide range of experience and a strong passion for holistic​ co-educational primary school education. Combined the St Agatha's teaching team hold 5 Masters degrees, 2 Graduate Diplomas and 15 Bachelor degrees. ​


​Ms Anne-Marie Maw

​Assistant Principal Religious Education

​Mr Jake Knowles


Prep MacKillop​​

​Mrs Andrea Tierney

​Prep Nagle

​Miss Bridget Hudnott

Year 1 MacKillop​

​Mrs Francesca Clarke

Year 1 Nagle​

​Mr Douglas Ryan

Year 2 MacKillop​

​Mrs Monique Bratchford

Year 2 Nagle​

​Ms Kate Mason

Year 3 MacKillop​

​Mrs Thea Cowdrow-Ling

Year 3 Nagle​

​Miss Sarah Bermingham

Year 4 MacKillop​

​Miss Emma Jorgensen

​Year 4 Nagle

​Mr Danny Willaims

Year 5 MacKillop

​Mr Mark McCall

​Year 5 Nagle

​Miss Bronte Hutchinson

Year 6 Agatha

​Mrs Mandy Wilson

 Specialist Teachers:


​Mrs Jo Noble


​Mrs Natalie Scalia

​Physical Education

​Mrs Liz McGuigan

​The Arts

​Miss Kate Llewellyn

​Primary Learning Leader

​Ms Sam Knight

​Learning Enrichment Team:

​Ms Sam Knight, Miss Allyssa Di Donna, Mrs Emma Foreman,
Mrs Jo Noble and Mrs Ann Cahsman

​Guidance Counsellor

​Mrs Dominique Sinclair

​Speech Therapist

​Mrs Raylee Lincoln

Front Office:

​School Admin & Enrolment Secretary

​Ms Katrina Peatey

​Finance & IT Secretary

​Mrs Stephanie Pike

​Finance Secretary

​Mrs Sandy Munro

School Officers:

​Mrs Lola Beninca, Mrs Shauna Griffith, Mrs Chris Jackson , Mrs Sharon Nolan, Mrs Sue Roberts, Mrs Prue Gall, Mrs Miriam McGregor and Mrs Rachel Karmel