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The school supports the Parish Sacramental programme. Enrolment is the responsibility of the parents. Parents, as ‘first and foremost educators in the faith’ prepare their children for the sacraments, using a parish supplied text, and by attending parent evenings as required. Sacramental catechesis is undertaken in classrooms at levels appropriate to the students’ development, but is considered supplementary to what the parish and parents provide.

Reconciliation Preparation

Enrolment takes place at a weekend Parish Mass.
1st Parent Meeting at 7:30pm - Information evening including distribution of materials
 Reconciliation themes:
  1. Belonging to a family and to a Church community.
  2. Making Choices - We have the ability to make choices which affect others. We have a responsibility for our choices. 
  3. Reconciliation - the four part process  where we admit our sin, say we are sorry, seek forgiveness and working at making up.
  4. Sacrament of Penance • Understanding and appreciating the gifts of God’s forgiving love as celebrated in the Sacrament of Penance through a Rite of Reconciliation,  Family rituals for making up, Return Children’s Workbooks.
A children's meeting is then held one afternoon after school 3:30-4:30pm.
The Sacrament of Penance (First Reconciliation) is then celebrated one evening at 7pm.

Preparation for First Communion and Confirmation

Enrolment takes place at a weekend  parish Mass.
Parents attend two separate evenings for Confirmation and Eucharist Preparation and again complete parish preparation booklets in readiness for the celebrations of Confirmation and Eucharist on Pentecost or Trinity Sundays.
Confirmation themes:
  1. Naming and Calling - We learn the Importance of own name and that  God knows us by name.
  2. Promises - Promises are important. God keeps his promises. We learn about our baptismal promises.
  3. Hands - Hands are gifts from God. Jesus used his hands to bless and heal. Laying on of hands signifies calling on God's healing power.
  4. Oil - Anointing with oil as a symbol of special purpose. Chrism is used at Baptism and Confirmation. We know the Holy Spirit is present.
 Eucharist themes:
  1. Gathering - We gather for special reasons. Jesus promised to be with us when we gather in his name. Jesus is with us when we gather at Mass to receive communion.
  2. Listening -  Listening is important.  Messages can change our lives.  The message in the word of God invites us to respond.
  3. Eating - We share more than food at a meal. We experience celebratory meals. Jesus shared meals with his friends. Eucharist is a special meal in which we remember Jesus.
  4. Going Forth - We have a special call to work with Christ to spread the Good News. At Mass, we are sent forth to love and serve the Lord.
Children gather in the church one afternoon from 3:30-4:30pm for a session where they review what they have learnt with their parents.
Families attend a practice evening where they learn where to sit, and what special role their child has for the evening. This is in the week immediately preceding the celebration of the Sacrament.
Children receive the Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation in one ceremony on either Pentecost or Trinity Sunday. Four separate celebrations are held to accomodate all the children and their families as well as regular parishioners.