Volunteering at School

It is Catholic Education Office policy that all parents involved in working with children on a voluntary basis, in classroom activities, support a reader programme, excursions, school camps etc, need to read the Handbook for Volunteers.

Once you have read and understood the document "Student Protection, Handbook for Volunteers" you are required to sign a confirmation that you understand your reporting responsibilities  as a volunteer.  This form must be completed and return to the Principal for his/her signature.

The Volunter Code of Conduct  is an important doucment and must be read, understood and agreed to by you for volunteer work at the school to proceed.  By completing these forms you indicate your accceptance of the Volunteer Code of Conduct and your understanding of the appropriate protocols for Student Protection.

Each time you visit St Agatha's School to work as a volunteer, you are required to sign on as Volunteer.  The office has a sign-on book, where you record your name, time of arrival and volunteer number.

Volunteers are higly valued here at St Agatha's Clayfield and your role in helping at school is a very critical one to our daily life and the provision of high quality education to students. Please continue to volunteer within our community as staff appreciate and value your contributions.

Please remember to return the following items to the School Office.

Student Protection Handbook.

Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Volunteer Letter and Registration.


Parent Code of Conduct Policy Brochure.

Volunteer Code of Conduct.