Religious Education Policy

Saint Agatha’s School is a community of children, parents and staff within the wider Catholic community. Central to the nature of our school is an environment of faith learning, prayer and celebration, and mission.

1. Teaching and Learning:

The formal faith education of students requires a time allocation of approximately two and a half hours each week. The Archdiocesan RE Guidelines are followed throughout the school, and supplemented by other relevant materials.

2. Prayer and Celebration: 

Personal, group and staff prayer is important and its expression is encouraged in the following forms:
  • Daily classroom prayer 
  • Weekly staff prayer
  • Whole school prayer (Sacred time at weekly assemblies, and special days such as ANZAC, NAIDOC)  
Liturgical prayer and celebrations are central to our worship as a Catholic community and may vary according to the year level and occasion. The class teacher and the APRE determine these special celebrations at the beginning of each term.
Sacramental liturgies are intrinsic to the life of our Catholic school community. With the support of the Parish Priest, the community celebrates Eucharist and Reconciliation to a small or whole school group. Generally, the following celebrations occur:
  • Class masses in Terms 2 and 4
  • Class Reconciliation celebrations in Terms 1 and 3 • Whole school masses for Year 6 Commissioning, Mothers’ and Fathers’ Day, Ash Wednesday and other special occasions. 
  • Easter Passion Play

3. Mission:

Mission is expressed in many forms of Pastoral Care within the school and to the outside community in the following forms:
  • Buddy classes are established with Years Prep and 6, 1 and 5. Throughout the year, these buddy classes organise a variety of shared and appropriate activities and attend mass together.
  • Mission Projects are undertaken during Lent and Advent providing financial and prayerful support. In Lent, monies are raised for CARITAS and one other charity which varies each year. In Advent, the classes undertake the following or similar activities:
    ~ Years 1-4 collecting items for St. Vincent De Paul Christmas Hampers
    ~ Year 5 raising money for Eddie’s Van to help the homeless
    ~ Years 6 visiting Clifford House Aged Care
    ~ Fund raising activities for Children’s Mission (Pontificial Missions Society).
  • We mission to one another by creating an atmosphere of partnership and welcome. Parents and friends are invited to participate in all forms of prayer and celebration at a whole school or class level.

4. Staff inservice:

Staff inservice is critical to maintaining professional rigour in teaching R.E. The teaching staff is in serviced in both educational aspects of Religious Education and in the Religious Life of the School dimension.

5. Sacramental Programme:

The school supports the Parish Sacramental programme. Enrolment is the responsibility of the parents. Parents, as ‘first and foremost educators in the faith’ prepare their children for the sacraments, using a parish supplied text, and by attending parent evenings as required. Sacramental catechesis is undertaken in classrooms at levels appropriate to the students’ development.