Enrolment Information

Thank you for your interest in applying for enrolment at St Agatha's Clayfield.

Enrolment applications are accepted at any time. Please note that completion of these forms does not guarantee the enrolment of your child. Enrolment will depend upon the availability of an appropriate placement for your child and the safisfactory completion of an interview between yourselves, the child and the principal Mrs Carol Sayers.

The enrolment process for Prep takes place the year before the child is due to start school.
Prep enrolments for new students are required to be lodged no later than March of the year proceeding Prep enrolment.

Birth and Baptismal certificates, and Information Access Form should be presented with the completed enrolment forms.

Enrolment at St Agatha's is Prep to Year 4 for boys and Prep to Year 6 for girls.

Enrolment at St Agatha's does not guarantee acceptance of enrolment at St Rita's.

To enrol your child at St Agatha’s School, Clayfield please complete forms 1 or 2, 3, 4 and 5 below: 

1. How do I enroll my child Prep (2).pdfHow do I enroll my child Prep (2).pdf
​2. How do I enroll my child  Yrs 1-6.pdfHow do I enroll my child Yrs 1-6.pdf
​3. Application for Enrolment Page 1.pdfApplication for Enrolment Page 1.pdf
​4. St Agatha’s School – Application for Enrolment (12 pages)
​5. Information Access Form Prep.pdfInformation Access Form Prep.pdf
​6. Enrolment Application - Notes Booklet - Electronic Version.pdfEnrolment Application - Notes Booklet - Electronic Version.pdf
​​7. Direct Transfer Information.pdfDirect Transfer Information.pdf
​​8. St Agatha's Boundary Map.pdfSt Agatha's Boundary Map.pdf
​​9.​ Feescard 2016.pdfFeescard 2016.pdf

Application for Enrolment Notes Booklet is to be used in conjunction with Form 4 – St Agatha’s School – Application for Enrolment.

Please forward all completed application forms, all requested documentation and $60 application fee marked for the attention of Enrolment Secretary to pclayfield@bne.catholic.edu.au or St Agatha’s School, 6 Hunter Lane, Clayfield QLD 4011.