2023 School Theme

Share the Spark 2021.JPG​​This year we are called to ‘Be Brave and Grow’ by asking for help, stepping out of our comfort zone and growing as learners. We are all life-long learners and look forward to being a community that grows together. Our collective vision for St Agatha’s this year is for our students to make brave learning choices, develop in their abilities to have a go, ask questions and build on ideas to grow as learners and leaders in our community.

As parents and carers, I encourage you all to take on the theme this year. This might be the year that you be brave and volunteer to help, or branch out in your friendships, ask for help or try something you have been wanting to try. How will you grow this year? It might be in your work, in your friendships and even in new opportunities.  Remember to be brave, take a breath and jump in!