Playground Policy

Policy:   At. St. Agatha’s, we provide a duty of care to students both within and outside the classroom.  We strive to provide an environment where the children feel safe and can play in an environment that is ordered by responsible supervision.

Teachers are to refer to the staff duty ROSTER distributed at the commencement of each term or on display in the staffroom.


  • All teachers are to display a copy of the duty rosters on their classroom notice board.

  • Children can play games at lunch using equipment booked out from the top playground sport cupboard.

  • Handball is the only game to be played before school and at second break.

  • Teachers take megaphones on all duties.

  • Teachers take first aid bags on lunch and afternoon break.

  • Teachers collect children from lines at 8:40am, 11:25am and 1.55pm.

  • Children not wearing a hat are not allowed to play or go to library and must sit either in ampitheatre on oval or on seats on top playground.

Before School

Duty commences at 8.15am

The teacher on duty is responsible for

  • Checking the playground to make sure it is safe. E.g. look for broken glass etc. All notification of unsafe equipment is to be brought to Principal’s notice immediately. 
  • Bell rings at 8:40am. 
  • The children are to stop playing, remain still and walk to lines when asked by the teacher on duty. 



  • Two teachers are on duty in the covered area.
  • Students are to remain seated while they eat their lunch.  WOWW

11.05- 11.25

  • Four teachers are on duty: one in covered area; oval; fort and library.
  • A warning bell is rung at 11:20 for children to stop playing, go to the toilet, collect lunchboxes and to get a drink.
  • A bell is rung at 11:25 for children to be lined up.


1.40-2 PM

  • Two teachers supervise the children eating their afternoon tea on the top playground. 
  • All children are to remain seated while eating, play quietly once finished.
  • A warning bell is rung at 1:55pm


Bell rings at 2:55 pm

Duty commences at 2:55pm

Crombie Street

  • Children leave classrooms and proceed down to Crombie Street entrance.  Children sit down close to fence to wait for parents.
  • Teachers bring remaining children back to front office at 3:20pm.  At 3:30pm, children are booked into after school care.

 Oriel Road

  • Children assemble at top of church steps and wait for teacher.
  • Year 1 and 2 children proceed down steps before rest of children.
  • Children crossing Hunter Lane and Oriel Road wait for teacher and Lollipop crossing supervisor for instructions.
  • Children wait on church steps for either pick-up by parents or for bus.
  • At 3:20pm, teacher brings remaining children who are not catching the bus back to outside front office.  At 3:30pm, children are booked into after school care.​​