LOTE - Japanese

In 2019, our LOTE (Japanese) program is now offered to students from Prep to Year 6 with weekly lessons taught by a specialist teacher. 

Students at St Agatha's will learn and engage in the following fun activities during Terms 1 & 2:-​​

Prep: Focus will be on greetings; festivals; lunar zodiac calendar and numbers.

  • Listening to sounds and patterns of the Japanese language through rhymes, stories, on-line resources, and worksheets. Students will begin to identify high frequency words and phrases through repetition and exposure to language and culture of Japan.
  • 2021 is The Year of the Cow/Ox (ushi) and students will look at the qualities of the animals represented in the Japanese/Lunar calendar. The language will be presented within the context of this calendar.
  • Students will begin work on counting; rhymes; folk tales and looking at festivals:
  • FESTIVALS: 3 March – Girls' Day – Hinamatsuri; March, Cherry Blossom Festival – Sakura matsuri. (activities will be around these important festivals)

Year One/Two: Focus - Year of the Cow/Ox; Daruma Dolls – good luck and goals; kanji symbols and Hiragana alphabet; festivals.

  • Students will further their knowledge of Japanese – language and culture – and will revise what they have learnt in 2020.
  • Learning will be through speaking, listening and reading the language and by engaging in language-rich activities – stories, on-line resources, worksheets, folk-tales.
  • FESTIVALS:  March – Girls' Day – Hinamatsuri; and end of March, Cherry Blossom Festival – Sakuramatsuri. (activities will be around these important festivals)
  • Recognition of the 46 symbols of the Hiragana Alphabet – using the Hiragana in 48 Mins program and Japanese Pod 101. 
  • Some Kanji (Chinese characters) will be recognised – numbers; seasons; dates.

Year 3/Four: Focus - Year of the cow/ox; customs of greetings and introductory conversations; Hiragana alphabet – read and write; festivals; Japanese history & culture

  • Students will further their knowledge of the Japanese language and culture this year and will revise what they already know. They will learn through the speaking, listening and reading functions of the language and look in particular at the 3 alphabets of the language: Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.
  • Lessons will be one full hour each fortnight per class.

Year 5: Focus - Samurai code of conduct; year of the cow/ox; Daruma Dolls – goals and good fortune; Hiragana intense learning and recognition; Kanji recognition of high frequency symbols; Mapping & culture; conversations & pair work.

  • Students learn to recognise, read and write the 46 characters of Hiragana through Japanese Pod 101 and Hiragana in 48 mins. 
  • Festivals – Lunar Calendar; Hinamatsuri 3/3; Cherry Blossom Festival.
  • Lessons will be 2 x half hour per week. (One lesson writing and listening Hiragana; One lesson – culture and History)
  • Daily routines; introductory conversations; days of the week and months of the year.

Year 6: Focus – Short conversations; listening and reading activities; 3 x alphabets; History; culture and festivals. Lunar calendar; classroom rules and items; anime; mapping and looking at similarities and differences between our two lands, cultures.

  • Lessons will be 90 mins per week. Divided up into Hiragana/Kanji writing and reading; culture and history.
  • Assessment will be in form of presentations and oral and written quizzes fortnightly on the alphabets. 
  • Japanese Pod 101 and Hiragana in 48 Mins will be utilised in learning of the characters and symbols.
  • Posters on cultural topic – exploring the similarities and differences between Japan and Australia on given topic.
  • Festivals – girls' day 3/3 and Cherry blossom festival end of March.