The Arts Program

​All students participate in specialist lessons for The Arts: Music, Visual and Media Art, Drama and Dance, LOTE, Health and Physical Education and Swimming classes.

​The children at St Agatha's are given many opportunities to develop their musical ability. 

St Agatha's has a strong commitment to music, private tuition for various musical instruments and to the development of a School Band. 

Parents are encouraged to consider providing their children with the opportunity of learning to play a musical instrument.

The school also provides opportunities for the children to join the junior and senior choirs.

Private music and instrumental tuition is also available.


Visual and Media Art

Term 3 in Visual Art Prep will be exploring all the colours and shapes of the Great Barrier Reef. Students will experiment with drawing, painting, and mixed media to create expressive seascapes that communicate their connection to the sea and the creatures that live in it. Students will create backgrounds to depict the movement of water, discuss how and why artists have depicted characteristics of water in their images and objects, and explore materials and processes to make two or three backgrounds of water environments.


Term 3  in Visual Art Year 1 will be creating lily pad collages that feature a variety of lady bugs and insects that the students will create with clay. They will be using techniques to demonstrate various compositional effects such as overlapping and crosshatching as well as using felt and paint to create different textures. Additionally, student will practice drawing images and making objects related to the natural environment.


Term 3 in Visual Art Year 2 will be taking inspiration from traditional elders of the Wurundjeri-William clan and artist William Barak (1824 – 1903), by creating their own possum skin cloak designs out of paper. They will explore ideas within indigenous art by identifying visual conventions in artworks and applying this to their own designs.


Term 3  in Visual Art Year 3 will creating free standing flamingo totem poles inspired by Alice in Wonderland. The unit will explore the concept of 'reinventing objects' by creating new ideas about an object through drawing and sculpture.  The students will be creating three-dimensional artwork in the round and learning how to use armatures for construction starting points. The students will then add paper and paint to create the feathers of a flamingo.  Finally, students will take a photo of the completed flamingo to create digital postcards.


Term 3 in Visual Art Year 4 will be creating self portraits based on the work 'Hand with Reflecting Sphere' by M.C Escher. The students will produce a distorted self-portrait by using ipads to take a self-portrait and then use an app to distort their image. The students will then use their distorted photograph as the basis to complete sketches before painting their portraits in the style of Escher.


Term 3 in Visual Art Year 5 will be creating artworks communicating ideas made from observations of Howard Arkley's work. Celebrating mundane suburbia, Arkley depicted the average period Australian house using bold colours, heavy outlines and designs. The students will adapt this to Brisbane by photographing their own homes then transferring these images onto A2 cartridge by marking over the outlines using a projector. They will explore the technique of hard edge painting with acrylics and trace the painted areas with a prockey marker, emulating Arkley's style. Informed decisions will be made regarding selection and placement of colour. Art elements we will be studying will include line, colour, contrast, space and perspective.  This task linked to the Unit of Inquiry, 'Who we are' and the concept of Identity.


Term 3 in Visual Art Y​ear 6 will be exploring the design process by identifying a need then designing a product which will enhance school engagement, interaction and purpose. Students will:

  • explore and explain the work of designers who respond to culture, time and place
  • apply the design process in research and development of a product to meet the needs of the school environment
  • ​​plan the presentation of the design process and product with explanation of need and solution to enhance meaning for the audience.




All students from Prep to Year 6 engage in Drama Lessons with a qualified Drama Specialist.

Private tuition in Speech and Drama is also available.



This strand of The Arts Curriculum is catered through the engagement of a private provider, Dance Cart. This company employees registered teachers to implement a Dance program for all students from Prep to Year 6. 

Lessons culminate in a performance at the conclusion of the term.