The Arts - Art, Music, Drama & Dance


The St Agatha's Art program allows students to explore a wide variety of art forms and techniques under the guidance of a specialist Art Teacher.  The art program facilitates students from Prep to Year 6 having a 60 minute lesson each week.

The visual arts component includes drawing, painting, printmaking, textiles, constructions and modelling. 

Samples of the children's work are displayed in the foyer of the Performing Arts Centre and each year in Term 3 a school Art Show known as the Cultural Expo is held in the student mall to showcase the children's work for the year.

Intensive Art Workshops are also available per Term after school.



The children at St Agatha's are given many opportunities to develop their musical ability. 

St Agatha's has a strong commitment to music, private tuition for various musical instruments and to the development of a School Band. 

Parents are encouraged to consider providing their children with the opportunity of learning to play a musical instrument.

The school also provides opportunities for the children to join the junior and senior choirs.

Private music and instrumental tuition is also available.




All students from Prep to Year 6 engage in Drama Lessons with a qualified Drama Specialist.

Private tuition in Speech and Drama is also available.



This strand of The Arts Curriculum is catered through the engagement of a private provider, Dance Cart. This company employees registered teachers to implement a Dance program for all students from Prep to Year 6. 

Lessons culminate in a performance at the conclusion of the term.