​ The school uniform is worn with pride by all students from Years Prep to 6. All students must wear a school hat when outdoors.

Boys and girls have both a formal school uniform and a sports uniform. All items except shoes are available from the uniform shop at the school. Please see price lists and order forms below. The shop is located in the carpark next to the O'Connell Centre. It has credit card and Eftpos facilities. 

Girls wear brown leather shoes and boys wear black leather shoes with their day uniform. Girls wear white joggers and boys wear black with their sports uniform

Jewellery, nail polish, any accessories and rubber wrist bands are not part of the school uniform. Girls are permitted to wear sleepers and studs only in ears. Hair ties should be in school colours. Girls' hair below the collar line should be worn in plaits or pony tails to ensure successful participation in all school activities.​


Girls' formal uniform:

  • Day dress
  • Brown ankle length socks 
  • Brown leather shoes
  • Navy blue school hat
  • Navy blue jacket
  • Navy school track pants
  • Navy school vest
  • Navy school pullover
  • Brown stockings
  • School hair accessories in


Girls' sports uniform:

  • Navy blue culottes
  • School polo shirt
  • White sandshoes/leather joggers
  • White ankle length school socks
  • Navy school leggings
  • St Agatha's House Cap 
  • St Agatha's swimming togs (optional) in House colours
  • St Agatha's Rash shirt  (optional) in House colours
  • School athletics shirt and shorts
Cick to view the Girls Uniform Shop Price List Sept, 2021.

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Boys' formal uniform:

  • Short sleeve blue shirt with crest embroidered on the pocket
  • Navy shorts
  • Navy knee high socks and black leather shoes
  • Navy blue school hat
  • Navy school jacket
  • Navy school track pants
  • Navy school vest
  • Navy school pullover


Boys' sports uniform:

  • Navy blue shorts
  • School polo shirt
  • Black sandshoes/leather joggers
  • Navy ankle length school socks
  • House Swimming Cap
  • St Agatha's swimmers (optional) in House colours
  • St Agatha's Rash shirt  (optional) in House colours 
  • School athletics shirt and shorts

Click to view the Boys Uniform Shop Price List Sept 2021.

Uniform Shop hours

The Uniform Shop will be temporarily opened on a Friday morning from 7.30am to 8.30am.  Please ensure you complete an Order Form and send to pclauniforms@bne.catholic.edu.au.

​​Uniforms will then be organised and delivered to your child/ren's classroom.

No phone orders accepted.

Our Uniform Convenor is: Leigh Neverov and can be contacted via email at pclauniforms@bne.catholic.edu.au

Please see details of order form and price ​list.

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