The St Agatha's Library is a vibrant learning space.  Children come with their classes each week to borrow home readers and other books.  Our collection of books is all forward facing and shelved by genre. This helps to engage children with reading by making it easier to find books to borrow that are on topics that interested them.  The library is also a contemporary learning space where staff bring students to work as a class or in small groups. The Teacher Ligrarian plans and works collaboratively with teachers and students in the library. The library is also open at least one break every day for children who want to read, draw or play quitely with friends.



​​​Access to St Agatha's Library Catalogue is now available through this link. The first time you go to this link you will be asked which school to go to.  Please be careful that you choose St Agatha's - it may be difficult to change if you choose the wrong school.
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