Enrolment Information

​​​​​​​​St Agatha's is a Co-Educational Catholic School offering enrolment from Prep to Year 6. Enrolment applications are submitted online and accepted at any time.  Please note that completion of these forms does not guarantee enrolment and is an APPLICATION ONLY.  Enrolment will depend upon the availability of an appropriate placement for your child and the satisfactory completion of an interview between yourselves, the child and the Principal Ms Anne-Marie Maw.
The following is our school's process for Enrolment:
  1. Complete the Online Enrolment Application Form
  2. Complete Criteria Sheet
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate
  4. Copy of Baptismal Certificate
  5. Complete Information Access Form
  6. Copy of current school report if applying for Years 1 to 6
  7. Pay a non-refundable Enrolment Application Fee of $60.00
  8. Send all documentation to pclaenrolments@bne.catholic.edu.au
Please note only completed applications will be considered for a place.

  • If applying for enrolment for more than one ​student, when the form is completed there will be an option available to submit another enrolment for each additional student.
  • Children who are not accepted in the first round of offers will be asked if they wish to remain on a waiting list. Notification of this step will be communicated to parents via email.

Please contact School Enrolments on 3326 9222 (Option 3) should you experience any difficulty completing the online application for enrolment.

Prep Enrolment Applications

Below is a recommended Year Level for Prep Enrolments:-

​1 JULY 2017 to 30 JUNE 2018
​1 JULY 2018 to 30 JUNE 2019
​1 JULY 2019 to 30 JUNE 2020
​1 JULY 2020 to 30 JUNE 2021
​1 JULY 2021 to 30 JUNE 2022
​1 JULY 2022 to 30 JUNE 2023

​Please note: 
  • ​​Prep enrolments for the year prior to commencing will close on the second Friday of March.  All applications received after the closing date will be kept on file in the event of a place becoming available. ​​​​​​An additional class has been accepted for Prep 2022, and therefore APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN.

  • Prep Interviews for potential students with Non-Sibling will take place in March/April with placements offered in May.

  • Prep Interviews for potential students with siblings will take place in May with placements offered in June.

Enrolment Applications 2023

To lodge an application for 2023 for Prep to Year 6 please complete the online​ application form. 

​​Enrolment Priority Criteria

  1. ​Siblings of students already enrolled at and attending St Agatha's.
  2. Child is Baptised Catholic who resides within the St Agatha's Parish boundary.
  3. Child is a Baptised Catholic who resides outside the St Agatha's Parish boundary, but attends St Agatha's Church.
  4. Child is a Baptised Catholic who resides outside the St Agatha's Parish boundary but attends a Parish other than St Agatha's.
  5. Child, though not Baptised Catholic, belongs to a family with a demonstrated affiliation with Christian values. ​​​