2024 School Theme

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The theme for this year was developed with staff as part of the January Teacher Professional Learning Days and encompasses all we hope to achieve throughout the school year. This year students, staff and families are called to 'SEEK, STRIVE, SOAR in 2024'.


 Through the example set by Nano Nagle, the founder of the Presentation Sisters, we are called to seek and be of assistance to those who are lost, disadvantaged and lonely. Nano educated people in 'hedge schools' by day and walked the alleyways of Cork at night as she brought comfort and support to the poor and vulnerable, using her lantern to light the path. 2024 marks the year of Nano in our 3 year Catholic Identity cycle at St Agatha's as we highlight one aspect of our triple charism.. We are called to seek the lost and reach out to others with compassion and service.

'Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find' Matthew 7:7



St Agatha's is a vibrant, faith filled learning community that promotes excellence in each person. To strive means to work hard, to grow and to persist through a determined focus. Through high expectations, we take responsibility for our students and children's learning and are supported by an expert teaching team. With a growth mindset and through St Agatha's Learner Dispositions each day is an opportunity to grow, learn and make a difference in the world.

'Make every effort to enter through the narrow door' Luke 13:24



As a faith-filled community, St Agatha's transforms learners every day. As transformed learners, our world expands and spreads before us like a tapestry of opportunity and potential. In 2024 we are called to aim high, take flight and soar in our learning.

'They will soar on wings like eagles' Isaiah 40:30


As a school community, we ask our parents and carers  to 'Seek, Strive, Soar in 2024. This might be through seeking assistance or assisting others through care and outreach. It could be striving in your work or striving towards a personal goal or resolution. 2024 could be the year that you realise your true potential and launch into new learning, new opportunities and new experiences.

We look forward to all we can achieve as we SEEK, STRIVE, SOAR in 2024.

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