Library and Resource Centre

​​​St Agatha's students are encouraged to enjoy the air-conditioned comfort of our bright and welcoming library and foster a love of reading. Students have access to a varied selection of fiction books catering for their ages and interests. Staff offer guidance and recomm​end​ations ​to students whilst encouraging them to develop responsibility in their choice of books. The wide collection of quality curriculum related non-fiction and reference resources play a vital role in the development of students as independent lifelong learners.


The library is also a contemporary learning space where staff bring students to work as a class or in small groups. The Teacher Librarian plans and works collaboratively with teachers and students in the library. The library is also opened at one lunch break every day for children who want to read, draw or play quietly with friends. Every Friday morning parents are encouraged to read with their children in the Library from 8.15am.

St Agatha's library actively promotes a love of literature by involving various classes in a number of activities throughout the year. These include book talks, a Book Fair, Book Week celebrations, a character parade, author vis​i​​ts, readathons and Reader's Cup competitions. Students visit with their classes each week to borrow home readers and other books. As we welcome our Prep students to St Agatha's for the first time we encourage them to listen to 'It's a book" . 



​:Parents are warmly welcome to join our loyal group of parent volunteers who support the library.  

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