Student Wellbeing

​St Agatha's school places great importance on the wellbeing of students through a range of proactive measures.

The primary teaching of Social and Emotional skills is taught through a developmentally appropriate continuum through two aspects of the Australian National Curriculum:

1. Drawn from the Heath and Physical Education Curriculum – Personal, Social and Community Health is explicitly taught through a range of teaching models. Friendology© is incorporated into this teaching to support students in establishing and maintaining healthy relationships, managing conflict with kindness, and increasing their overall resilience. The explicit teaching of Physical Education compliments students understanding of wellbeing.

2. The Personal and Social Capabilities Curriculum are embedded throughout teaching and learning of all subject areas. Personal and Social capabilities are also taught incidentally when students face social and emotional challenges. St Agatha's is committed to sustainable approaches that are developmentally appropriate according to the Australian National Curriculum.

Full details of how St Agatha's supports Social and Emotional Wellbeing can be found in our school framework.

St Agatha's School Social Emotional and Wellbeing Framework.pdf

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Guidance Councillor Service

Within primary settings, educational psychology services are delivered to clusters of schools.  The Guidance Counsellor delivers direct services to schools providing consultancy on learning needs, behaviour management, psycho-educational assessment, counselling and proactive initiatives.

Further details for the school Guidance Counsellor can be found here > Guidance Counsellor Service.pdf

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