Digital Technologies

​21st century living requires an educational environment which provides opportunities for students to develop digital citizenship and capability. As educators and caregivers, we are all called to meet the challenges of learning in an ever-changing digital age. ​In alignment with St Agatha's eSmart framework the school works to build student's digital skills and prepare them as digital ready citizens. This will be achieved through: 

  • digital boot camps and ongoing teaching of cyber safety, strong digital decisions, the ethics of technology with a focus on social media.
  • word processing applications and keyboarding.
  • producing, creating and publishing texts through the MS Office suite.
  • internet searching and researching. 
  • collaborating with peers and developing multi-media presentations.
  • sharing creations on nominated e-learning sites.
  • parent workshops focused on digital citizenship and safety.
  • ongoing teacher professional development in digital pedagogy and citizenship. 
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St Agatha's School is is an e-Smart school with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. As a community our e-Smart commitment and processes work to inform students of effective digital citizenship and how to stay safe in an online platform. As an accredited e-Smart school, St Agatha's provides ongoing parent information session​s as well as external guest speakers and comprehensive teaching and learning for students around all aspects of cyber safety.  

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As well as being a compulsory part of the Australian National Curriculum, St Agatha's school acknowledges that digital technology enhances the delivery of teaching and learning. It is important to acknowledge the developmental stages of students and how the implementation of technology is planned based on a developmental continuum. At St Agatha's school we provide:  

  • Prep and Year 1 students access iPads at a ratio of 1:2
  • Year 2 and Year 3 students access iPads at a ratio of 1:2 along with a bank of laptops.
  • Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 students access Laptops at a ratio of 1:1 for both school and home use. 
  • A range of other devices, including additional banks of iPads, Digital Cameras, Digital instruments and robotic peripheral devices. 

Hi speed, Wi-Fi connection exists throughout the entire school campus to ensure learning anywhere, anytime for all students. All classrooms are fitted with Interactive Whiteboards or LED interactive touch screens for teachers and student use. All classrooms are fitted with Sound Fields to ensure all students hear their teachers' instructions. 

​​Year 4- Year 6 1 to 1 Laptop Program 

In Year 4 to Year 6, technology is centred around the Student 1 to 1 Laptop Program which is a partnership between the school and home. ​​Students participate in a ‘Laptop Boot Camp’ where they engage in a range of teaching and learning activities that prepare them to be safe and responsible digital citizens. 

Please read the document which outlines the Guidelines for 1-1 laptop Programme. ​The Student 1-1 Laptop Contract Form.​ must be signed before any devices can be given to students.

With every new phase of technology development, we also continue to take steps to assist all users in becoming good Digital Citizens, i.e. to use these tools and interact with technology using appropriate and responsible behaviour without having negative impacts on others. Our schools e-smart ICT policy provides parents with a range of tools to help support their children in safe a responsible digital citizenship​. ​​​​

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