Sport and Physical Education


At St Agatha's we encourage all students to develop a passion for all aspects of health, physical education and sports. 

Health and Physical Education 

The Prep to Year 6 Health and Physical Education is taught in two aspects. The health component is taught by the general classroom teacher and includes personal, social and community health. While a specialist teacher conducts the Physical Movement strand through weekly hour long lessons.


Examples of Physical Movement learning includes:

  • Prep students learning and developing fundamental movement skills with technique and in a safe manner.  
  • Year 1 students learning tagging and dodging games which incorporate fundamental movement skills and solve movement challenges.  
  • ​Year 2 students learning complex tagging games that incorporate fundamental movement skills as well as  a specific focus on the skills to play soccer. 
  • Year 3 students will refine and perform movement sequences using the fundamental movement skill of striking and solve movement challenges through gameplay and modified activities including tennis. 
  • Year 4 students will focus on developing Fundamental Movement Skills invasion games. They will transfer these skills across to sports including netball .  
  • Year 5 students will focus on refine movement sequences using the fundamental movement skill of striking and solve movement challenges through badminton. 
  • Year 6 students will focus on combining skills of balance, core strength and coordination. They will further learn rotation, locomotion, spring and landing, swing, static poses and composition to perform a variety of movement sequences for gymnastic sports. 
Sports Gala Days and City District Representation   
Focused on a sense of school and team spirit senior students of St Agatha's have opportunities throughout the year to participate in team sports at local sports gala days. Opportunities also exist for students to apply for external district sports trials and teams. 

Sports Carnivals 
Our school houses of Carmels, Nagles and Lourdes enliven our sense of school community through team sports. Our school's learner dispositions of persistence and resilience encourage all of St Agatha's students to participate in Cross Country, Athletics  and Swimming carnivals. If eligible students then have the opportunity to compete in the City Districts and Zone Carnivals 
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