Enrolment Policy

​​PURPOSE: The purpose of this policy is to outline the enrolment procedures and expectations or St Agatha’s Primary School, Clayfield. 

RATIONALE: St Agatha’s Primary School, Clayfield is a school of choice for families in the Clayfield and surrounding suburbs. An enrolment policy provides clarity around the criteria for enrolment, the timeline for enrolment and the enrolment process for all students. Please note that an application for enrolment does not guarantee an enrolment at St Agatha’s. 

POLICY STATEMENT: St Agatha’s is an inclusive co-educational Catholic primary school. As part of the Brisbane Catholic Education system of schools the enrolment policy and process for students is supported by the enrolment processes outlined by Brisbane Catholic Education. This includes the Enrolment Application and Support Process (EASP) for students with diverse needs. An enrolment application for a child with diverse needs will be assessed according to the school community’s ability to provide a quality education for them in the St Agatha’s School environment. This will be assessed using the “Enrolment Application and Support Process” set out by Brisbane Catholic Education. 

FIRST YEAR OF SCHOOLING - PREP Incoming Prep students of those who are current or recent enrolments at the school are considered ‘Sibling’ enrolments. All sibling enrolments must still complete an application for enrolment form. An invitation to families who have siblings for Prep is provided through the school newsletter throughout the school year prior to the closing date. It is the responsibility of the parent/carer of the child to complete an application of enrolment form prior to the closing date. All parents/carers who want their enrolment to be considered under the enrolment priority Criteria 1 will be required to complete appropriate enrolment procedures by 28th February of the year prior to the commencement of Prep.

YEAR ONE - SIX Applications for enrolment may be submitted to the school at any time. An interview with a member of the Leadership Team will be held to determine the availability of places in the year level of enrolment. Once a vacancy has been confirmed, and an interview has occurred, a letter of offer will be provided to the family. St Agatha’s Primary School is a Prep – Year Six co-educational Catholic primary school. In recognition of the importance of the relationship between the Catholic School and the Parish Community, and with due reference to Archdiocesan policies and practices, the following criteria are adopted to establish priorities for accepting enrolments. 


Criteria 1: Siblings of students already enrolled and attending or recently enrolled at St Agatha’s. 

Criteria 2: Child is a Baptised Catholic whose family can demonstrate ongoing involvement in the life, worship and service at St Agatha’s Parish and reside within the parish boundaries. 

Criteria 3: Child is a Baptised Catholic whose family can demonstrate ongoing involvement in the life, worship and service at a Catholic parish other than St Agatha’s and reside outside the parish boundaries. 

​​​Criteria 4: Child, though not Baptised Catholic, belongs to a family with a demonstrated affiliation with Christian values and traditions residing within Parish boundaries. 

Please Note: The principal may exercise discretion regarding applications where pastoral considerations apply, and therefore, may determine a child’s eligibility beyond the stated criteria.

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1. Families accept the St Agatha’s School enrolment policy. 

2. The student participates in the school curriculum which includes nine key learning areas, camps, excursions and sport. 

3. Parents commit to: o Continue their involvement in the life, worship and service of the parish and give their child every opportunity to experience the fullness of their faith. 

Support and encourage the living out of the Gospel values. 

  • Accept and support all school policies and procedures, including uniform and behaviour, to ensure effective management of school and safety and welfare of children and visitors. 
  • Working in cooperation with school personnel for the benefit of the child. 
  • Payment of school fees and charges. 
  • ​Taking responsibility to disclose all relevant information regarding a child’s diverse needs at time of making application for enrolment. 


Disability Discrimination Act 1992

Disability Standards for Education 2005

Anti-Discrimination Act 1991​