Excursion Policy


At St. Agatha’s we strive to develop an environment of learning and faith, in which the education of the whole child is paramount. We believe it is important for all students to experience life outside of the family and school in a community situation. To assist this process appropriate excursions and camps are organised through the year.


  1. Outings emanate from a sound educational base and/or have strong educational outcomes.
  2. Information regarding the camp or excursion are recorded on the school “Excursion Form” and submitted to the principal for approval 4 weeks prior to excursion date. Buses are booked from this form. A record of buses booked is kept in an excursion book in the front office. This time frame is subject to booking arrangements.
  3. A note is sent home to parents/caregivers informing them of all excursion details preferably two weeks prior to the excursion. Parents are required to sign, and then return a slip acknowledging receipt of the above information and giving consent for their child’s participation. A copy of the letter is kept on file with the secretary.
  4. The student’s medical history and/or requirements should be made known, in writing, at this stage.
  5. Teachers are required to keep permission slips for 6 weeks after the excursion.
  6. Consent forms must be returned to the school prior to the date of departure. Students who do not have permission to attend must attend school and will spend the time in another classroom, as arranged by the class teacher.
  7. Standard Workplace Health and Safety Regulations are adhered to when planning and implementing activities.
  8. Cost of excursions is covered through payment of excursion levy at commencement of the school year. Camps are paid for separately. No child should have to forfeit these opportunities due to financial constraints.
  9. All students are expected to attend camps and excursions.
  10. Parent helpers are encouraged and requested to participate in these opportunities to assist with adequate supervision all students at all times. Recommended adult supervision will be as follows:
    ~  Year 1, 2 and 3: One adult for every 6-8 children
    ~  Year 4 and 5: One adult for every 10 children
    ~  Year 6: One adult for every 15 children.
  11. An excursion folder is available to staff, outlining details of venues, educational outcomes and costs.
  12. Years Five attend an annual camp alternating between two venues.
  13. Year 6 students attend a one-week Canberra excursion.
  14. The school mobile phone and First Aid Kit are taken on all excursions and camps.
  15. Seatbelts on buses: The guidelines produced by Brisbane Catholic Education require seat-belt equipped buses to be hired if the bus is travelling more than 20 km, or at speeds of 100km.


School excursions are part of the school curriculum, and as such all children are expected to participate. Excursions are generally limited to one per term. Teachers may find it more educationally advantageous to undertake a more extensive excursion covering a two-term period. Excursion costs are covered in the school fees. Written permission from parents will be necessary before a child may participate in any such outing.


At various times throughout the year we have touring groups visit the students.  These incursions are generally related to units of work being studied by particular classes.  Some examples of incursions we have had in the past are Arts Council, RAW Art, reptile visits, science displays, the Olden Days kit, Dancing Australia workshop, circus performers, Chinese dragon dancers, guest speakers and performers and authors to name a few.  Incursion costs are covered in the school fees.