Religious Life of the School

​​Teaching People to be Religious (Religious Life of the School)

The religious life of the school comprises of four interrelated components including Religious Identity and Culture, Prayer and Worship, Evangelisation and Faith Formation and Social Action and Justice.  ​

​St Agatha's school motto “growth, friendship and faith" is modelled on the three pillars of our school community and is key in Faith Formation. Mary MacKillop for her commitment to growth, Nano Nagle for commitment to friendship and St Agatha for her commitment to faith all form part of a rich Catholic tradition. 

At St Agatha's we are led by the Presentation Charism of Nano Nagle as we seek to promote a community that is grounded in the rich faith traditions of the Catholic Church.  Like venerable Nano Nagle we listen to the call of God to bring about God's plans for our sacred world.  Modelled on the example of Christ we seek to empower through education, challenge injustice and work for peace. Although we are no longer led by the Presentation Sisters, we hold close connections to the good works of the sisters. At St Agatha's we inspire all stakeholders to establish and maintain strong connections with Christ, Charism and Community.

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Students at St Agatha's are inspired by Mary Mackillop's words “never see a need without doing something about it" and are engaged in student-led Social Action and Justice initiatives to support organisations such as Caritas Australia, Catholic Mission, St Vincent DePaul and a various other Catholic mission inspired groups. 

The story of St Agatha inspires all in our community to be people of Gospel inspired faith. Sacred spaces including the school labyrinth, the reflective Garden of Grace, Catholic iconography, and prayer walks enhance student opportunities for prayer. A cross or crucifix adorns the walls of each classroom as students participate in a variety of incidental and traditional Catholic prayers as well as engaging in moments of Christian Meditation. School assemblies, P&F, School board, staff and parent gatherings also include prayer as a reminder of our strong Catholic identity.


St Agatha's School Prayer

Saint Agatha, child of God, teach us your ways.

Help us to be strong when we are challenged.

Help us to stay true to what we believe

Protect us from danger.

Teacher us to be generous with our many gifts

Saint Agatha, pray for us



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