LOTE - Japanese

At St Agatha's, the chosen Language Other Than English is Japanese. The Prep to Year 6 program is taught by a specialist teacher through weekly lessons. Through the Australian National Curriculum Languages sub strands of socialising, informing, creating, translating and reflecting students participate in a range of both cultural and linguistic learning activities. 


Examples of learning include: 

  • Prep Students focusing will be on greetings; festivals; lunar zodiac calendar and numbers.
  • Year 1 and Year 2 students focusing on Japanese festivals, good luck and goals, kanji symbols and Hiragana alphabet. 
  • Year 3 and 4 students focusing on culturally appropriate customs of greetings and introductory conversations, Japanese history and culture, as well as writing Hiragana.
  • Year 5 students focusing on the Samurai code of conduct, Daruma Dolls, Kanji recognition of high frequency symbols, mapping and culture as well as conversations in pairs. 
  • Year 6 students focusing on short conversations, history, culture and festivals, lunar calendar, mapping and identifying similarities and differences between Australian and Japanese land and culture. 
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