Sports and Other Interests

​St Agatha's school provides students with a range of different sporting and extra curricular opportunities before and after school. 


At different times throughout the year students can partake in:

  • Tennis conducted by Fancutts offers private tennis coaching aon St Agatha's Tennis Court on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday afternoon from 3pm to 3.45pm. Private or small group lessons can also be arranged on a Friday afternoon from 3.45pm.
  • Short seasons of cricket, soccer or netball with skills and training conducted by Go Sports on the St Agatha's oval after school. To enrol click on the attached link GoSportsFlyerTerm1 (CricketSoccerNetball).
  • Short seasons of Auskick AFL focusing​ on teamwork, drills and skills conducted once a year on the St Agatha's oval after school. 
  • Coding and Robotics short courses conducted by Junior Engineers with weekly workshops.  
  • A weekly Chess Program conducted by Gardiner Chess that builds students mastery of the game.  
  • A weekly Entrepreneurship Program conducted by first pivot that equips YEar 4 -6 students with the skills to excell. Students practice Entrepreneurial skills, work in teams, generate ideas, create prototypes, understand design thinking, practice public speaking. To enrol click on the attached link Entrepreneurial Skills Program.

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